As an entrepreneur, you deserve a business that has sound systems and processes in place to protect and sustain you as you fearlessly showcase your talent, your product and your impeccable service.

Welcome to the Enlightened Creative!

Here, we pick up where your certification program (or your self-taught talent) left off. Created specifically for event industry pros, we’re here to help you solve the headaches and frustrations that can come with running an event planning or creative business. From planning the perfect event to figuring out your financials, let us give you the practical, expert know-how you need to go from struggling creative to successful business owner. 

Business Strategy Immersive

This six-hour strategic planning intensive will take your “brainery” experience to a new level. This private session will help you achieve the precision and momentum you’ve been craving to transform your business.

The Enlightened Creative Boutique

Have you shopped in the Enlightened Creative boutique lately? We have business guides, downloadable checklists, and wedding planning guidebooks ready to fill your brain with the relevant knowledge you need.

Learn How to Plan for a Wedding Crisis

During this “brainery” master class, you will learn how to build your crisis contingency plans for your weddings, create solid contracts, and assemble the right on-site crisis communications team.

One-to-One Coaching

Benefit from a private, 90-minute strategy session to help you identify and conquer an obstacle that's currently distracting you and blocking you from your success.

Professional Speaker

Hire Kawania to share her knowledge at your retreat, conference, workshop, and you will benefit from her extensive experience, witty stories, and her educational style.

The Illumination Retreat

Come to this life-changing retreat on a serene campground to learn, connect, and recharge your personal and professional batteries.

Bespoke Team Training

Work with Kawania to create. lead and facilitate a private workshop for you and your team that is customized to suit your company’s strategic and tactical needs.

Virtual, Self-Paced Knowledge

Soak in comprehensive, highly-impactful on-line education at your own pace from the comfort, safety, and privacy of your own home.

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The Latest Book

Packed with tools and tips to take the stress out of working with caterers, bands, and rental companies for your next wedding or event.

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