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The Enlightened Creative is a multi-level educational resource designed specifically for creative entrepreneurs. The Enlightened Creative is owned and directed by Kawania Howerton Wooten, a veteran in the live and virtual event industry. Kawania founded Howerton+Wooten Events -- an event planning business that earns more than six figures annually.

"The Brainery," was developed for entrepreneurs who are building businesses in creative industries. It provides valuable, interactive educational offerings such as "can’t miss" workshops, highly-impactful virtual courses, must-have, comprehensive guidebooks, beneficial coaching opportunities, video tutorials, and a very popular 6-month coaching and mentoring program called the "Brainery Project for Creative Professionals."

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Kawania Wooten Received High Ratings for her Presentation

Chicago, Illinois: Her presentation received high marks from attendees . . .

Kawania Wooten Spearheaded the Education at the Coterie Retreat

Montego Bay, Jamaica: She helped create the educational content . . .

The Enlightened Creative Books Hit a Major Book Sales Milestone

Bowie, Maryland: The boutique reached a major milestone recently . . .

Kawania Wooten Honored with the MunaLuchi
Valor Award

Destin, Florida: She was recently honored with the MunaLuchi Valor Award . .

My Signature Talks

Democratizing Luxury

“How do you elevating your overall client experience regardless of the level of service they purchase?”
I showcase ways you and your team can change your mindsets and processes to elevate every day experiences and services for all of your couples

“Wowing” Your Clients from Onboarding to Off-boarding

“How do you turn your clients into your ambassadors?”
I explain how I use my company’s systems and processes to onboard, communicate, educate, serve and off-board our clients.

Crisis and Risk Management for Event Professionals

“What do you do when ‘stuff’ hits the fan at your event?”
I share my experiences and lessons I've learned to discuss emergency preparedness, emergency action plans, and crisis communication.

“Level Up” Your Thoughts to Grow Your Creative Business

“Are you stuck working in your business instead of on your business?”
I share tips, techniques and case studies to help you learn how to transform your mindset from a task manager to a CEO

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