Do You Need a Business Coach?

Starting a new creative business or expanding your current one can feel paralyzing. There are so many decisions to make, people to hire, and so much fear to overcome (we can be honest here, can’t we?). You have a vision for the business and revenue that you want, but no matter how much planning you do, free webinars you watch or effort you put in, you haven’t made much progress. You’re missing something. It’s not more determination. (You’ve proven that you have that.) It’s a business coach.

How Will You Know if Business Coaching is Right for You?

Every CEO needs a seasoned coach in their corner who can provide the right expert insight, ear and honesty to help them to get clear, get out of their own way and get to their goals faster. Here are some examples of how a business coach can help you overcome a challenge or obstacle.

Are You Struggling with Your Worth?

What sets you apart in the sea of sameness? Can you sell to a potential client with your passion and expertise? Are you settling for the client you think you can get versus going after the client you want?

The right business coach helps you to identify and leverage your competitive advantage so you can build the business you desire.

Are You Flying by the Seat of Your Pants?

Do you feel like you are moving forward, but you aren't really going anywhere? Every business needs a vision and the strategy to bring that vision to life.

A great coach will support you as you determine your big vision and your actionable goals so you can focus your energy on what moves the needle in your business.

Are You Working Hard, but No Money is in the Bank?

Are you popular, but not profitable? Are you running from one request to the next? Are you missing deadlines or blowing leads?

A good coach helps you to stop slaving in your business with admin tasks and start implementing systems that develops a business for ideal clients at a high level.

What Are the Big Benefits of Business Coaching?

Increase Your Revenue

Clarity creates cashflow. Your business coach can help you package, price and market your services to increase your profitability.

Strategic Planning

Your coach can help you to develop a business strategy that feels right and map out a plan so you always know what’s at the top of your to-do list.


We all need support. Your business coach can hold you accountable for following through on your personal and professional goals.

Sustaining and Scaling

Business coaches draw from their own experiences to advise you on how to thrive during the ebbs and flows of business, how to pivot, and how to scale.

Choose the Right Option for You!

Elite Strategy Immersive for Creative Professionals

When you are ready to hit that launch button, set a strategic plan or scale your business, this private, six-hour immersive experience is for you. You and I will roll up our sleeves, gain some major clarity, set a powerful vision, and get you moving towards your business goals with an action plan.

Bespoke Private Team Training

In this private workshop, I bring my experience, wisdom and wit to help you strengthen your team. Customized to suit your needs, topics can include wedding assistant’s training, timeline planning, logistics, on-site management and customer care. Disclaimer: This workshop has been known to create a happier, more productive team who adores what they do.

Strategic Planning Retreat Facilitator

As a team leader, you may know the questions that need to be asked. You may even have the information needed to answer them, but you may need assistance with managing the conversation and driving the team towards alignment. My approach prioritizes listening and synthesizing, and the retreat exercises will help you question assumptions and stretch your thinking.

90-Minute "Brainery" Business Coaching Session

This one-on-one “Pick-My-Brain” strategy session is the perfect blend of education, coaching and targeted results. Designed to focus on your biggest business roadblocks, I’ll help you to develop a plan to push past your challenges. From marketing to operations, we’ll get to the bottom of what is holding you and your business back and the solid solutions you need to implement right away.
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