10 Worthy Podcasts for Wedding Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur in the wedding industry, I spend a great deal of time working alone in my home office or driving alone in traffic, so I have become a big fan of podcasts. I am especially drawn to the podcasts that focus on small business ownership.

I have listed below ten (10) worthy podcasts I believe wedding industry entrepreneurs should consider.

1. This Week in Weddings — This podcast is a support group for wedding industry entrepreneurs. I have enjoyed every single podcast recording I have listened to and I highly recommend them. If you don’t have time to listen to the podcast, I encourage you to check out the Facebook or Instagram page for this podcast because the hosts, Kimberly Rhodes and Annie Roche typically post some of the speakers’ key quotes after the episode is aired.

2. Savvy Social Podcast — This podcast is my new go-to resource. If I am being honest, social media strategies is a topic I didn’t know I needed. But, I am so glad I found it, because I have learned so much.

3. She Creates Business — This podcast covers entrepreneurship in the wedding industry with a focus on women entrepreneurs. This podcast is held twice weekly so there are a great deal content for you to check out such as, “how to use social media in your wedding business” and “how to build successful creative businesses in the wedding industry.”

4. Living Well Rounded Podcast with Geomyra Pollard — I have been listening to this podcast since it launched. The host Geomyra Pollard was a wedding planner herself for 10+ years, so she understands exactly what industry professionals need to know when it comes to elevating their business life AND being present in their personal life.

5. Wedding Industry Insider — This podcast features interviews with wedding industry experts. The content is the star — listeners will quickly identity tips and tools that can immediately implement into their own business processes and systems.

6. Talk with Renee Dalo – This is a great podcast for the creative entrepreneur who is trying to level up his/her business. The host and content creator, Renee Dalo, discusses the nuts and bolts of running a successful business, along with the strategic skills required to level up wedding industry startup.

7. Being Boss — I found myself pulled into listening to these podcasts one recording after the other. These discussions provide the listener with a fresh space for creative entrepreneurs who want to be the boss of their business and their personal life.

8. Purpose to Create Podcast – This is a podcast that forces the listeners to think “outside of the box.” You will hear from wedding industry business owners, but they won’t always discuss the “typical” topics related to owning a business. The interviews include so many unique perspectives, such as social justice, facing fears, and bouncing back into the work world after surviving cancer. 

9. Lead to Win by Michael Hyatt — I started following Michael Hyatt on Twitter almost ten years ago, and I have enjoyed his blog posts, e-books and now motivational message podcasts on Monday mornings. The episodes of this podcast provide actionable insights to help you win at work, succeed at life, and lead with confidence.

10. Off the Charts with Nathalie Lussier — Business strategist and digital entrepreneur Nathalie Lussier shares these inspiring stories to help you re-think what’s possible in your business. Nathalie’s topics range from tech tools to grow your business and book reviews that you take action on in both your personal life and your company.

Well, there you have it — ten recommendations.  I have so many more podcast recommendations, but I would love to hear about your preferences. Please let me know what you are listening to in the comments.

Love and Soul Always, Kawania

Hey there trailblazer!

I’m Kawania (kuh won nee ah) and I own and lead two successful businesses in the creative industry. Welcome! I created this blog as a resource that you can reference as you launch, run, and scale your own successful (and sustainable) business. There’s lots of information in this blog, so bookmark it and hit me up if you have any questions. We all need a little guidance every now and then, right? Take care friend. Keep shining! Love and Soul Always, Kawania

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