2024 Brainery Master Class: “Learn 6 Pricing Strategies to Help You Determine Your Service Fees”


As a wedding industry entrepreneur, your pricing strategy sets the standard for your service in your market, and is an important measurement of your bottom line and your competitive edge. So, how do you price your services optimally without  leaving profits on the table?

Get ready to actively participate! This is not a class for passive listening, You will be expected to challenge what you hear (or have heard) and it is Kawania Wooten’s hope that you will answer questions and provide feedback during the class.  So, when you register for this “brainery” master class, you will receive a worksheet that you will need to complete before the class takes place. The worksheet will help you determine key expenses in advance so that you know the “base” hourly fee you need to charge for your services.

During this master class, you will learn:

  • How to optimize your overall offer using wedding industry market insights
  • Six quality pricing strategy examples and how you can benefit from them as a service provider
  • The economics of pricing for one hour
  • The importance of consumer behavior and how to use it to gauge what the market will bear
  • Understanding the difference between a pricing model and a pricing strategy

Check out the link below to register now. To maximize your experience, we intend to keep this “brainery” intimate to a maximum of ten (10) participants, so it’s on pace to sell out.

NOTE: These classes will not take place in a webinar format. It will take place in a meeting format on Zoom to provide a classroom setting. You will learn from the class leader(s), but you may also learn a few educational gems from your fellow classmates.

Monday, March 18, 2024

6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern



About your Professional Wedding Expert:  Kawania Wooten is an innovative wedding planning expert who excels at wedding planning, event design, and project management.  As the owner of Howerton+Wooten Events and the Enlightened Creative, Kawania was challenged with the expansive task of creating high-caliber events, galas, and unique special events. Using her strength in event design, contract negotiations, logistics management, budget management, and strategic marketing, she was able to energize her clients and make considerable enhancements to the overall guest experience.  Kawania has authored numerous event industry articles and books, and she has been featured in “Refinery 29,” “Wall Street Journal,” “Newsweek,” “InStyle,” “Martha Stewart Weddings,” “ESSENCE” magazine,  and numerous other event planning and lifestyle magazines and blogs.

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