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When Was the Last Time You Checked Your On-Line Branding?

When was the last time you checked the online listings of your business? I’m talking about the online listings that describe your business, showcase your work and link to your web site and social media accounts. You should check these listings at least twice a year to ensure that the description of your business is still accurate. You want to make sure the phone number is correct. You want to ensure that your photos still represent you well and you want to ensure that the links to your site are not broken.

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Treat Fellow Wedding Vendors Like Valuable Members of Your Wedding Team

Wedding Planners! So much of your job’s success depends upon the work carried out by your fellow wedding vendors. To help you carry out a beautiful wedding and in order to maintain a harmonious working environment, consider looping them into your overall plans — the timeline, the design plan, and the emergency plan. It’s so much better to keep your vendor partners engaged and “within the tent.”

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What Is Your Customer Care Policy?

Treat your clientele with the same care that you would treat a celebrity or a VIP because they truly are VIPs to both you and your business.

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Having a Second Set of Eyes Proofread Your Work is Smart Business.

There is a huge value to having a second set (or even a third set) of eyes proofread your work before it goes to print. As an event planner, you should never make an assumption. Have someone else check your work because you will be too close to your projects and you won’t see your mistakes anymore.

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Meeting and Event Planners are the “Orchestra Conductors”

As a professional meeting and event planner, you are the “orchestra conductor.” It is your job to understand the goal, messaging, and the logistics of a conference or an event. Then, you communicate that information to all of the vendor professional involved. I recommend that you include all of your vendor partners in your event walkthroughs to ensure that everyone involved know what their role is and how they impact the overall event.

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The Value of Being an Agile Event Planner 

As a professional wedding and event planner, you need to be smart, agile and ready to take on whatever challenges and changes may come your way to be successful.

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The Magic of Following Up.

Something as simple as following up can be the difference between booking a sale or not. So I’m sharing some recommendations and thoughts about the value of following up with your vendor partners, with potential sales, and with former clients.

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How Do You Thank Vendor Partners?

How do you thank vendor partners who refer business to you? Do you send a text, make a call or send a gift? Also, do you send a thank you not or gift even if you don’t book the business? Check out my video and let me know your thoughts.

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How Wedding Pros Should Onboard Clients So They Can Get Started and Get Paid.

How are you onboarding your clients? In this video, I share three tips to help you properly onboard your clients so you aren’t constantly reminding them about upcoming tasks that need to be completed, or meetings you need to schedule, or invoices that need to be paid on time.

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How Wedding Pros Should Off-Board Their Clients to Finish Strong.

How are you off-boarding your clients once the wedding or event is over? In this video, I share four (4) key tips to help you properly off-board your clients so that you carry out a solid and positive service experience. Remember communication is everything!

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