5 TedTalks Every Wedding Planner Should Watch

I’ve been a big fan of TEDTalks for years — so many of these eye-opening presentations have gifted me with information and insight I didn’t even know I needed.

Over the years, I have referred back to several of these videos for both personal and professional inspiration, and I have encouraged colleagues and students to watch them for the same reason. There are more than 2,000 TEDTalks available, but I have listed below five TEDTalks I believe every wedding planner (or every person planning a wedding) should watch.

1. The Three Ways that Good Design Makes You Happy
Professional wedding planners know that good design is supposed to evoke two emotions — surprise and happiness. But, few know the science behind all of this.  Check out engineer Don Norman’s talk, and hear him share how great design should include 3 elements in order to make people happy.

2. Reshaping an Industry
Jacqueline Nwobu, co-founder and editor-in-chief of MunaLuchi Bride Magazine, discusses the importance of inclusion within the wedding industry, and the journey and she and her husband took to launch the beautiful magazine. This talk is near and dear to my heart because the Howerton+Wooten Events team is longtime fans and supporters of MunaLuchi Bride Magazine.

3. Power of Introverts
During this very popular talk, author and lecturer Susan Cain, shares how introverts bring extraordinary talents and abilities to the world. This TED Talk provides insight that wedding planners can use as they guide their brides and grooms through the ins and outs of weddings, which is a very “extrovert” experience.


4. 8 Secrets of Success
During his presentation, success expert Richard St. John, condenses years of discussions and interviews into an amazing 3-minute slideshow on the tried and true secrets of success.

5. How to Build Your Creative Confidence
As event designers, we are expected to use your experience and imagination to create the most unique, yet beautiful wedding day designs. But, truth be told, being creative scares some planners to death. During his presentation, David Kelley discusses ways to lessen anxiety and build the confidence to create.


6. A Warrior’s Cry Against Child Marriage
If you are a wedding planner and/or designer looking for a cause that your company can get behind, check out TEDTalk, “A Warrior’s Cry Against Child Marriage.” It’s a cause that should be important to every single human on this planet — especially all of the humans working within the wedding industry.

Love and Soul Always, Kawania

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