Eight Customer Service Phrases To Avoid and Use With Your Clients

If you work in a “client facing” job, you probably find yourself  having a lot of conversations with clients that are related to the service you provide.

Every now and then, you may find that some of those conversations can be easily misunderstood if you don’t use the right words/phrase.

So, here are eight customer service phrases that you should avoid and eight phrases you should use instead with your clients. And, why you should use them.

Phrase to Avoid

Phrase to Say Instead

Here’s Why


“No problem”

“My pleasure”

The second phrase let’s your couples know you are happy to help.


“That’s not my responsibility.”


“I’m not usually the person who handles that. Allow me to locate who can assist you with this issue.”

It’s okay to help your client find the person who can assist them. You don’t have to help them with every single issue – especially the tasks that are not in your wheelhouse.


“Calm down.”


“I understand how this may have upset you, and I will address it immediately.”


Telling someone to “calm down” is condescending. Instead of telling a client how to behave, inform them how you intend to solve the issue.


“I’ll get back to you.” or “Let me check.”

“If it is alright with you, I’m going to place you on a brief hold (or I am going to call you back) while I try to locate a solution.”

Saying “I’ll get back to you,” indicates that the client’s challenge is not a priority. Let them know you are addressing the issue, but you need a little time.



“This isn’t a feasible option, but this is what I can offer instead.”

The second phrase shows that you are focused on options that work for both you and your client.



“We have a problem”


“We have a challenge that we need to address.”

A challenge sounds more like an opportunity for success and growth.


“You misheard me”

“There has been a misunderstanding.”


The first phrase blames the listener. The second phrase explains that my clarification is required.


“Everything is fixed”

“Your issue has been resolved. Can we assist you with anything else?”

The second phrase confirms that you resolved an issue. When you ask “Can we assist you with anything else,” you open the door for further assistance.


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