Let’s “Drop the Blanket” Before We March into 2021

Ten days ago, my son Langston turned 21 and I found myself going through his “baby time capsule.”  One of the items in the time capsule was the last Peanuts comic strip written and illustrated by Charles Schulz.  It was published a couple of weeks after Langston was born. While looking at this strip, I was reminded of the single message I hoped to convey to my fellow entrepreneurs in 2020.  “Hold onto your faith and push through your fear until you reach your greatness.  I know, I know – you are wondering how I got from a Peanuts comic strip to “pushing through your fear.”

There is a tiny, but profound moment in the “Charlie Brown Christmas Special” that symbolizes “faith over fear.”  One of the characters, Linus, is known for his ever-present security blanket. No matter what the other characters say or do to him, he won’t let that beloved blanket go.  (Well, if you are a true Peanuts fan, you know he eventually lets it go in the late 80s, but I digress).  Anyhow, Linus, the wisest, most philosophical child in the bunch, gives a speech about the true meaning of Christmas. And, right when he says “Fear Not,” Linus drops his blanket.  Don’t believe me? Check it out here at :39 seconds

When you watch the video, you’ll see that the light blue blanket of Linus’ wasn’t his source of strength. It was his faith in God. So, when you think you need to hold onto people or “followers” or the latest shiny thing for your source of power, remember that perfect moment in the Charlie Brown Christmas special, where you’ll see that faith makes security blankets unnecessary.

Merry Christmas Friends.  And, may we ALL march fearlessly into 2021!

Love and Soul Always, Kawania

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