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Styling Your Home for Your “On Air” Presence

If you don’t style your home space before going on air, viewers may pay more attention to your surroundings and less attention to what you have to say. Here are four (4) tried and true steps you can take to make your “on air” space look and feel professional.

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What To Do if a Potential Client Doesn’t Follow Up

What goes through your head when a potential client or customer doesn’t follow up after a sales consultation? Do you assume the potential customer wasn’t interested, so you move on because you don’t want to come across as pushy or a little desperate? What if you were wrong? Check out this blog post for some helpful tips for following up to a sales consultation.

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Six 2021 Small Business Trends

COVID-19 changed how we did business in 2020. But, our need to generate revenue hasn’t changed and that’s why business trends are still relevant. So, here are the six (6) business trends I believe we creative entrepreneurs should be on the lookout for in 2021:

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How Tony Hsieh Transformed My Business Culture

Tony was the founder and ceo of and his book discussed his office culture, their belief system, and an alternative approach that small business owners like myself could follow. It was a simple concept — make the people around you happy, and by doing so, you will increase your own happiness

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Hey there trailblazer!

I’m Kawania (kuh won nee ah) and I own and lead two successful businesses in the creative industry. Welcome! I created this blog as a resource that you can reference as you launch, run, and scale your own successful (and sustainable) business. There’s lots of information in this blog, so bookmark it and hit me up if you have any questions. We all need a little guidance every now and then, right? Take care friend. Keep shining! Love and Soul Always, Kawania

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